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When you book Duane you're getting more than a keynote, training or coaching.

​You're getting a 360 interactive learning experience.

Duane understands humans love to interact. He understands adult learning consists of different learning modalities.
This requires a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience. He understands you can't talk to a ​twenty-five year old
like a fifty year old. He understands there are different cultures in every audience. His extensive travel to 50 
countries and cultural awareness makes all people feel comfortable and welcome.

 "Thanks for presenting at our National Conference.  
Your program Are You Sitting On Your Potential 
was terrific. Our organization is a big believer in professional development and giving back.

Your doing great work spreading the word about social responsibility.

We all need more significance in our organizations.

Keep it up!"

Karen Lee - Oregon State Bar Association

National President - ACLEA 


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Keynote: 18 to 60 minutes
Breakout Session: 1 to 2 hours

All programs come in a keynote or breakout format

Tailored to fit the age and generation of the audience

​The following are Duane's most requested talks:

​Are You Sitting On Your Potential? 

2.0 Version - Four Decades Later

Duane’s mother, Lory, was a personal growth consultant and speaker in Chicago back in the 70’s.
Her most requested program was Are You Sitting On Your Potential?  Four decades later Duane now offers clients an inspiring and uplifting 2.0 version.

Are You Sitting On Your Potential is a question that is on the mind consciously or subconsciously of every human, athlete, entrepreneur, business owner and high achiever. Time passes, life unfolds and when you reflect back will you wonder Are You Sitting On Your Potential?

ACE Life Now 

Duane’s #1 Life Model

Ten years ago I opened my laptop and read the headline “60 Things To Change Your Life.” “Holy crap sixty? Five days later I came across another article, “40 Things To Help Your Life.” Forty? Who has the time? I thought do these two authors have a wife, dog, business, cook dinner and time for fitness to name a few?

I thought personal growth is important, however, as a busy owner I only have time for three a day. I thought if I was being interviewed by Oprah what would be my three core daily things? What would my daily compass or guiding star to check off the key boxes of a successful and fulfilled life.

​So I reflected and pondered ...

A - Achievement and Adventure

C - Contribution

E - Enjoy

​The Rejection Advantage

Everything You Want In Life Is On The Other Side Of Rejection.

If you want to design a great life, be a high achiever, or have unusual success you must embrace rejection.

I believe the two most critical leadership and success skills are the ability to keep going and go to another level. Show me an employee, individual or young adult who can bounce back quickly and I will show you an MVP in the workplace and the game of life.  

​I also believe the #1 factor that stops us is REJECTION. If we're going to do world-class work we must embrace rejection. We must use rejection as a launch pad to bounce Back (get up) and rise above (excellence and achievement). Our achievements also come with a responsibility to the community and those less fortunate. You must use your talent and gifts to leave your mark (legacy).

Leadership Changes Lives (Significance) 

Is your life missing this piece?

Duane’s late mother was onto something. She had a little jingle and life philosophy she began sharing with Duane as a teenager. “Success is important but what you give back counts.

I’m blessed to train and speak to many successful executives, and it’s a very humbling experience. These leaders have tremendous drive, vision and have reached the top because of they’ve achieved their goals year after year. Still, many of our conversations always circle back to significance, legacy and how to leave a mark?

The simple truth is we’re all searching for a little more meaning, fulfillment and deeper connections in our personal and professional lives.

Duane’s powerful talk shares insights on how to have deeper daily meaning in your life. He will also encourage you to adopt the The Power Of One and T3 into your weekly habits.